Life, Seasons and Asanas

Autumn...season of the balance

 September - Shirshasana 

Shirsha means head,  so the position on the head has a proper way to be made, here the body is totally inverted and held upright bolstered by the lower arms, and the crown of the head lies lightly on the floor.
There are steps to arrive to the final posture, that they have to practiced to make the posture completely supported by the right groups of muscles.
It's important that the benefit of the final posture arrives without any discomfort or without cause any pain, ex. the naturally engagement of the cervical spine, should be avoided.
The physiological impacts can be felt in the whole organism,when the asana is well done, especially at the level of the blood circulation.

Note:This Asana should be avoided in the case of neck injury, severe headache. During menstruations avoid this. People who are suffering from high B.P. problems, heart problems, brain injury, conjunctivitis, glaucoma, hernia, obesity and hypertension are strictly advised not to perform this Asana.




October - Chaturanga Dandasana


Four Limbed and Staff Pose or Chaturanga Dandasana, or Plank Pose helps students to connect with their inner strength and energy. It may challenge those who lack self belief; however, one may overcome such negative self perceptions, as this pose is thought to stimulate the Manipura Chakra, can be stimulated to promotes confidence and self-esteem, located between the navel and solar plexus, is the core of our personality, our identity, of our ego..

Chaturanga Dandasana


November - Natarayasana / Lord Shiva Pose

Lord Shiva Pose

Benefits of Natarajasana pose:
-Raise strength to your chest, ankles, hips, and legs.
-Increases your metabolism
-Raise you focus more and are also relieved of stress. This asana calms your mind.
-Increase flexibility of your mind and your body.
This asana is special and wonderful combination of still structure and a movement; it symbolizes the dance of the graceful Lord Shiva.  It encourage to make you strong, and opens up your mind and body.  It is such of backbend too, as you bend and your body balances on one leg, you are constantly challenged. If we are open and accept both movement and stilness structure, this asana helps us to draw in our subconscious, a clear communication between our being and the divine teacher in our heart.

December...month of intuitive awakening

What is the intuitive awakening?

When we inhabit our mind with its thoughts and doubts, we create a set of confusions, a sort of big bang, and our mind starts to create a long chain of interactive thoughts. But when we come out from a meditation or after a full, deep and intense yoga practice, we have a kind of awakening that is completely different from other situations we live in. That's a pure and instinctive wakefulness; we resolve and arrive at our true nature. We create involuntarily a kind of deconstruction of the mind, we break the puzzle of each doubt and troubled thinking and we arrive at the pure source: a state of calmness close to the consciousness of our inner peace and awareness and we reach instinctively the awaking of our vibrations and perceptions that align with the vibrations and soul of the earth. Bhujangasana, Cobra pose



bhujangasanaBhujangasana- Helps to remove back and neck ache. By arching the spine blood circulation is increased to that region toning the nerves along the spinal column and improving the communication between the brain and the rest of the body.
- The pressure on the abdomen is also beneficial to the abdominal organs and in particular the digestive organs.
- Tones the kidneys which help with purification of blood
- Strengthens the adrenal glands , this asana as a special balancing effect on the hormone secretions is the benefit of asanas.
- Tones the liver.
- Helps the functioning of thyroid gland, which is responsible for metabolic activities.
- Expands  and opens the chest which encourages deep breathing as well as helping to correct rounded shoulders.
- Useful for slipped disc and sciatica as it relieves the pain and can also relocate the slipped disc.
In normal day-to-day life we do a lot of forward bending but not much backward bending, therefore it is good to practice for a healthy back and to give general balance to the body.

This asana has been given great importance as it stimulates the digestive fire, this idea of stimulation is related to making the digestive system so strong that it destroys all the diseases by providing proper energy and nutrients to all other parts of the body. Yoga and ayurveda believe in treating the digestion for many problems. So perfect health is achieved if the digestion is perfect.
The Asana purifies the nadis and purifies the sushumna nadi which awakens the dormant kundalini energy at mooladhara chakra.


   My personal studies in Yoga started in 2006 while I was living in Denmark. Three years later I have met in Montreal (Canada) my Master: Nicolas Adeline. He encouraged me to start the practice of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga and after encouraged me to start teaching. For this reason I decided to go to India. Afterwards this strong experience I have never stopped expanding my knowledge and experimenting other different Yoga and body techniques. More...


   The passion for the Ayurveda massage was born at the same time. By"connecting" with students trough touch, as my master taught, you get a different sense of bodily perception and feeling and observe more precisely the body's structure and movements. Massage was the best way, and going deep with fascias and muscle to recover from fatigues and heal emotional blockeages is very gratifying. More...








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