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KUNDALINI with Noema

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Date: 2018-11-07 09:00

Venue: YalpYoga -Ruppinerstr. 4  |  City: Berlin, Germania

Kundalini Yoga with Noema

Kundalini is a specific technology, a transformative action that changes our patterns of reaction.

Everything in the Universe is at any given time in perfect balance, consciously changing the balance of the inner energy will produce a change of balance everywhere… ultimately the universe rebalances itself. This play is called “the flow of life”.

Influenced by Shaktism and Tantrism, Kundalini Yoga is one of the most powerful kinds of practice. In the experience and understanding of Kundalini Yoga, energy flows through the spine, the body, and the limbs and the energetic centres known as Chakras. Human energy also flows through pathways in the form of triangles. This triangle s communicates energy throughout the body, and each pair of triangles has a central lotus chakra.

The movement, breathing and meditating with the breath on “SAT NAM” Works on the lines of energies, meridians, triangles, squares and tattvas.

Class with min 4 participants





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