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May, the month of the spring: where heart and health can find a new rebirth

Moth of May Newsletter Pict

Apparently life is a process on forward. If we look more proximally, life is a kind of cyclic process, that means the opportunities or everything that we constantly living are under a process that comes from the mind, to the memory and to the actions and or new actions.
Life is a mixer, and whatever we put inside we'll not find as a separate part, but as a full and an homogeneous product, but if we are fine tasting, we can even know the single ingredients, and understand which are those good together and what instead not.
The circumstances I am living and processing in these last two month are clear in this month of May. I feel with all the troubles in a kind of rebirth, because i am separating the ingredients and look at them with the right distance or detachment.
I would joy to taste slow the new fruits will come. I am glad always about the plants that the nature gives to us, and all the beautiful sound, colors and smell that I  enjoy in this month to fully living smell that I  enjoy in this month to fully living.

                                                 Y O G A  AND A Y U R V E D A  SCHEDULE & NEWS

Yoga ashtanga vinyasa classes practicing together Level 1 and 2 - Monday and Thursday at 18:30 (KLL Studio)

Hatha Yoga class open to all -Friday at 08:30 (KLL Studio)

Private Yoga class according with the personal needs and time availability during the week Mon-Sat, just with appointment. (Yalp Home Studio)

Ayurveda massage and treatments Mon-Sat just with appointments.(Yalp Home Studio)

Yoga Workshop: Efficacy of Yoga before Studying 28.05 17:30-18:30 (SRH Berlin)

Pubblications on Yoga Alliace: Application of Yoga on Stress and the power of self expression








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