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Frank Foto

Born and raised in a small town in Bavaria. I've been interested in cooking and baking since I was a small child. Homemade food is a tradition in my family. My grandma and mother are decent chefs. They tought me everything they knew about cooking. So when I moved out, I knew the basics by heart and I was very good at cooking traditional southern german dishes. Ever since moving to Berlin, I changed the style of my cuisine dramatically, because the variety of available ingredients and all the different cuisines inspired me.

I have lots of allergies and it didn't take long to realise, that good nutrition is key to be healthy. At first it was easy to order food or buy prepared dishes. But soon my body went crazy. So I headed back to my roots and cooked by myself. But this time trying very different styles of cooking. One could say, I'm cooking myself through the world. For YALP I present to you the ayurvedic kitchen, because I believe that food has the ability to heal. 

Namaste Frank

Fundamental Ayurvedic Nutrition-Facts

Good morning Ayurveda Porridge

 10 served meal

Good morning Ayurveda Porridge

Dosha-Info: strengthens Vatta and Pitta
Serves: 2
Ingredients: 2 Dates
1 tb Coconut flakes
12 tb (Plant-) Milk
4 tb oatmeal