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The spine

The Spine and






 The Kundalini

In dealing with the human organism we have to understand the importance of the spine.
The Human Spine is the seat of miracles. Yoga wich deal with evolution of human consciousness, is full of the description of the mysterious powers of Kundalini, the Serpent power, which operates true the spine.
The Spine is also the seat of all Chakras, psychic centers, except the sixth Chakra and beyond. The Central Nervous System as well as the autonomous nervous system also work through the spine. The Sympathetic and Parasympathethic nervous system also operates through the spine.


The Spine is the seat of Psychic centers. The psychic centers work through the ductles glands and influence the body Chemistry which is registered as emotional change by the human brain.
The Spine is made up of vertebrae, and through these vertebrae, the central nervous system operates, sending its offshoots to the whole body. If we take the body to be an inverted tree, the brain becomes the roots and the spine the trunk. The trunk is the supporter of branches, leaves and fruits. The trunk of the tree upholds the tree against gravitational force, as does the spine.
If one sits with the spine erect least affected by gravitational force.
In all menthal and physical disorders the shape of the spine becomes defective and the patient is unable to uphold its spine for any length of time. Mostly people are notconscious of the shape of the spine, they use backrests and never sits on their own spine.

Yoga is the valid helpful for the balance and allignment of the spine.
Nowdays in the West countries we understand the benefits of the yoga practice regularly realized. Asanas and the right breathing can be the power for your spine to be in health.