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"News: - Group classes are currently in person ( max 6) and ONLINE (max 4). Ayurveda massages and treatments are available by appointment. Thanks you for your collaboration


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February and March, months of research and realization.

India Delhi


Dears Yoga students,
one month ago I left Berlin and you for a period of research and training. Luckily, two special persons, Timon and Raja, are giving some continuity to YALP Studio.
Travelling is an action but also a process in which we are personally engaged and each moment looks like unique and inseparable. One can say that our lives are also like travelling, but often we don’t look at it in this way, and often we forget to live it with the same intensity.

This month I found myself in many interesting moments which I had to deal with, in many of which I had to respond instantly to a demand or find an answer and ideas, or make decisions. I will not bore you with each situation, but definitely, by travelling alone, I have met many persons, very different from me and my culture. My perception was often right how to deal with these situations and new encounters. I am glad to say that I have never left my practice of pranayama meditation in the morning and the Asana sequence that I devised for my journey, as a daily body/mind health survival kit.
I promise I will soon send you pictures and maybe videos, but first I want to sort through all this material before to share it on the web. Like always I am trying to be authentic, true and using my personali e way to see and perceive.
Something I will never stop to say to you: Yoga is the medium and the key for your self-conscious development.


Join and enjoy the weekly yoga classes with Timon and Raja.
Timon will give a notion of the first Level of Ashtanga Vinyasa class, with the sequence built on the ability to master the Sun Salutation ( always good for your daily routine) and basic stand, seated, shoulder standing as well as core strength poses. Timon is scrupulous and he will help you to achieve the posture without efforts but just with the help of the breath techniques. For the Level 2 there is a dynamic sequence with many asana of the first series that will be trained just with the rhythm of the Uijay and the power of the Vinyasa.
Level 2 on Wednesday 1815 --- Level 1 Thursday 18:15
Raja drives the Hatha Yoga classes. The first is in the morning before your work or study. This is a class that invigorates your routine and improves your stamina and muscular ability. This is the perfect class for those like to wake up in the morning with an energizing start to their day. The second class on the same day is made to relax and support your asana improvement. It is a deeper class that improves your knowledge of your body perception , staying longer in an asana.
Hatha Yoga (Empowering your day) on Friday 08:30 --- Hatha Yoga Restorative on Friday 16:45





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