"News: COVID 19 - Starting from next Monday NOVEMBER 2 nd. In accompliance with the latest Governmental decisions, all live activities are suspended, Yoga training will continue ONLINE.

INTERACTIVE YOGA IS the way we have now to ****Continue a process of SELFCARE through Asanas and Pranayama ****SCHEDULE A RITUAL TO YOUR DAILY LIFE and be connected with a small community **** DEVELOP AND EXCHANGE an inner SPIRITUALITY in a small group of people who take care of it and share your believes

Interactive Yoga Online

                                     Interactive Yoga   

                 You are very important, infact you will practice in a small group,
I will give you suggestions to personalize your practice in case of needs.


Variety of Yoga classes
  The classes are varied and with our prevous chat I can suggest the best class for You!

Yoga online wherever you are
With a simple click you will register for the class on your device.
The platform (https://meet.jit.si/) is open, is free and secure!

                   Cards for 5 classes                                                                                      60,00 €

                     Monthly Card -
              (two, 2 classes per week  + plus one Pranayama class gift                 90,00€

                       Trial class                                                                                                     15, 00€




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