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"News: - Group classes are currently in person ( max 6) and ONLINE (max 4). Ayurveda massages and treatments are available by appointment. Thanks you for your collaboration


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Yoga Personal training Monday-Saturday

A Yoga Personal Training is an individual and customized 60 min. class which meet personal needs could be made online or in presence.

Often it can happen that a regular visit to the gym is not possible due to lack of time, or training at home is simply more convenient.

The personal training can be tailored to the individual needs and accordingly, special programs can be developed. Depending on your desired training goal, we work together to strengthen the deep muscles in order to reach the entire body step by step. A combination of yoga and cardio training is possible, which makes the personal program even more varied and adds essential facets.

A lot can be achieved with simple means, a mat, Pilates ball, blocks, belt and band are just some of the small and highly effective tools for training at home.

  • Back training
  • Bodysculpting,
  • Regression after pregnancy
  • Lose weight

During the class will be shared information about Ayurvedic Medicine, Meditation and will be given helpful yoga props.
Private Class are available by appointment from Monday to Saturday.

Address :
in Studio
By Berliner Pilates -Wiesenstraße, 7 13357 Berlin - First Floor.
in Park (spring or summertime)

Appointment by calling 030.2556.31.65 157.3636.44.10 or by e-mail by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

     <<<<<< COMPENSATIONS >>>>>

Trial Personal class:  € 35,00 
Single Class     € 50,00                                                                                  
5 Class card  (2 months)      €225,00
10 Class card (3 months)       € 400,00

-via Bank transfer ( ask to me p.m.)
via PayPal # check if there are fees* or send it as gift
Mail account (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) write the date and the name of the class.

* international payment

Old student receive a discout from the above compensations.
For each personal class made at the student´s home a fee of 10,00 € is added.  




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